YS-automatic edge banding machine

YS-automatic edge banding machine

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1. The pre-milling system corrects the plate-type workpiece before the lamination. The pre-milling device uses the double-milling cutter to re-deform the corrugated traces caused by the panel sawing to achieve a better edge-sealing effect. The milling motor will Completed by the pressure cylinder, the cylinder will lift the tool before reaching the end of the workpiece, and the tool will return to the working position immediately after the end of the workpiece.
2, the glue coating system is used to apply glaze melt glue on the edge of the workpiece, and the rubber sealer device coats the edge seal plate and the edge seal material evenly through a special mechanism to ensure a firmer adhesion, and the melt glue dissolves the gas. The glaze glue, the melt glue will be melted in the melt container, and the rotary glue shaft will transport the hot glaze glue to the workpiece, the dosing device controls the supply amount, and adjusts the distance between the glue shaft and the workpiece.
3, the head system is used to cut the cutting part of the front part and the back end of the film. The head device moves through the precision linear guide, adopts the automatic tracking of the master and the high-frequency electrode rapid cutting to ensure the smooth and smooth cutting surface. The cutting assembly is used for sawing of the super-high section of the lamination. By rotating the edges to be right angles or bevels, both ways are done by scraping. The cutting assembly consists of two unrelated cutting units.
4, the rough and intensive system is used for the upper and lower end of the finishing components, the coarse and fine repair device is used to repair the excess edge sealing material of the upper and lower parts of the processing board edge banding, and the automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor are adopted. The structure ensures that the upper and lower parts of the trimmed plate are smooth and smooth. The system consists of one trimming and two trimming. One trimming is a flat blade and the second trimming is a circular knife.
5. The profile tracking system component is used to match the sol-coated film with the jade star of the workpiece during the conveying process, and cut (deline) the corners, and the contour tracking up and down rounding device can make the end face of the plate more smooth and beautiful. The whole assembly is composed of two unrelated devices, one for the processing of the rear side of the workpiece and the upper end of the front side door, and the other for the processing of the lower end, the control of the assembly is realized by the point point control, and the contour shape is rotated by the contour The wheel is accepted from the workpiece and transferred to the milling tool.
6, the scraping system is used to remove the cutting marks on the pre-cut PVC film, the scraping device is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of the trimming non-linear motion, so that the upper and lower parts of the sapwood are smoother and more tidy. It is normal for the edge banding of the edge scraping mechanism to be thinned to the extent that it is blown away by the air nozzle.
7. The polishing component polishes the plastic film and removes the residue of the sol on the workpiece. The polishing device cleans the processed plate with a cotton polishing wheel, and the edge of the edge is smoothed by polishing, and the polishing component for the upper surface of the workpiece is fixed. On the upper side, it is not necessary to set the thickness of the workpiece, and the polishing assembly for the lower surface of the workpiece is on the lower side, and the direction of rotation of the motor is opposite to the running direction of the workpiece.
8. The slotting system performs the milling operation on the workpiece after the edge sealing is completed. The slotting device is used for directly slotting the side plate and the bottom plate, thereby reducing the process of the panel saw, which is more convenient and quick, and the groove of the milling end face will be high speed. The motor is adjusted to the vertical position, and the groove on the bottom surface is milled to adjust the high speed motor to a horizontal position.


Model: YS-450AG
Total power: 17.02kw
Dimensions: 7700 × 1100 × 1600mm
Feed rate: 12-20m/min
Sheet thickness: 10-60mm
Edge band thickness: 0.4-3mm
Sheet width: ≥80mm
Working pressure: 6kg
Weight: 2700kg