S5- woodworking center linear ATC

S5- woodworking center linear ATC

■ This machine is suitable for processing a wide range of complex products with wide functions: boring, drilling, cutting, side milling and sawing. ■ It can realize double-station processing. When the machine performs one-station operation, the second station can perform loading and unloading operations at the same time, without awaiting time, greatly improving work efficiency and productivity. ■ Carousel automatic tool change system, 8 magazine capacity, the tool change time only need 8 seconds. ■ Vacuum adsorption: It can be used for whole plate adsorption or point-to-point adsorption. The whole plate processing does not need to be cutted with saw again, and it can be cut on the production line, the material loading and unloading are convenient and fast, and the auxiliary time is shortened.

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Machine model:               S5-Woodworking Center
Working size:                   1300*2500*200mm
Working table structure:     double-layer vacuum adsorption countertop
Machine frame construction:  welded steel tube
XYZ transmission:             XY helical rack transmission, Z-axis ball screw
Maximum empty running speed: 85000mm/min
Maximum cutting speed:   45000mm/min
Spindle power:                Italy 9kw tool change spindle
Spindle rotation speed:      0-24000rmp
Drive motor:                    850W Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Working voltage:             AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3Hp
Running command:             G code
Operating system:            SYNTEC 6MA control system
Support software:            Nesting software
Machine weight:               2800KG
(Any special requirements could be discussed with our sales before order which we can also try to fulfil)


1. Software function description:
1) The store version software can quickly design personalized kitchen, wardrobe, wine cabinet, desk and some panel furniture according to customer requirements.
2) After designing the product, the software can quickly calculate the list of parts, hardware, board color, model and material of all the customer's products.
3) The software can quickly quote for customers' products.
4) The store terminal will package the designed product data and send it to the factory-side design and disassembly software (after factory receive the order can review the basic size, structure) or production optimization typesetting software for direct production. Avoid errors
in the order delivery process. It can realize zero design and zero error of the factory.
5) The production optimization typesetting software can optimize the sheet utilization rate according to the order (up to 98% sheet utilization).
6) The production nesting software can be produced according to the existing production task orders, and the inventory of raw materials can be alerted during the production process to achieve zero waste standard.

2. Device function description
The woodworking center is a special machine specially used for plate custom-made furniture cutting and punching. It completely replaces the traditional sliding table saw and CNC saw. It is free from the traditional cutting mode and relies on the human force. It perfectly combines with the speed cuttting & spliting software, and realizing the intelligent production. Save labor, materials and time!The equipment contains automatic positioning function. The X and Y directions are equipped with positioning cylinders, which can realize the rapid positioning of the plates, which can not only produce accurately and correctly, but also greatly improve production efficiency.
Reasonable design: independent operation of the cabinet, easy to use and maintain.
Software: Supporting speed carving design and nesting software, realizing custom design and unpacking of custom closet cabinets, intelligent typesetting, zero error.
3. the whole machine material
1) The thickness of the square tube of the bed frame is ≥8mm; the square tube is tempered and aging after the whole welding is completed; the machining precision of the high-precision CNC machining center is ±0.05mm, and all the rail holes are drilled by the machining center.
2) In order to prevent the deformation of the beam, the overall use of 8mm wall thickness square steel; the overall beam tempering, aging treatment; high-precision machining center processing accuracy ± 0.05mm; all rail holes are drilled with the machining center.
3) The column is welded with ≥10mmA3 steel plate. After welding, the whole frame is under tempering and aging treatment; the machining precision of high precision machining center is ±0.05mm.
4) The whole machine head adopts cast aluminum to reduce the bearing capacity of the beam. All parts of the machine head are processed with high precision machining center with a precision of ±0.05mm.
5) The whole machine adopts Taiwan rail. X and Y use 30mm flange block to increase the contact area and the bearing capacity.
6) Excellent parts: Taiwan imported linear guides, German racks; Japan Yaskawa servo drive system.