Operation method of fine carving software


Operation method of board furniture carving machine

1. Carving software

1, open the file - input - bitmap images - select the figure 2, transformation, zoom, change of size 3, selected surface figure - art - image texture - turn bitmap grid - click on the image change engraving depth of 4, select the figure - virtual sculpture tools - effect - overall polishing once five, model - Z - high moved to transform XOY, selection tool, select the figure 6, cutting tool path - a path wizard - taper surface fine carving, the next step, flat knife, cubed ジ mu ブ this ⒌ poison yi ⒌ word pontius Α - the next step - path spacing ァ Nai word pontius Α - complete. 7. Select the diagram -- tool path -- output tool path -- the file version is changed to EN3D 3.x -- feature point -- the lower left corner -- complete.

Two, carved drawing 1, open the file - input - bitmap images - select the figure 2, open the lower left corner points - with polysemy line - spline curve - 3, virtual sculpture tracing tools - options - model properties - the cancellation number selected 10 Α - step by step, according to the Z key can cancel 4, open the model, the new model, change the XY step 0.01 ケ nor him steal open 5, color, single color in June, color - seed color in July and sculptures -- - within the selected color - stamping depth rho) ji setting that circles the size of the press A/S within 8, sculpture - to - choose color -- - the high circles, deep press W \ Q А - colors and images on the left side of the first color symmetry to material, press shift + B and shift + N Ю tsubaki library xie Huan green Ч 9, virtual sculpture tools - effect - tip zai body ㄒ department finished 10, model - save as gray image

Three, carved bending is shown in figure 1, choose a size - after the grid generated from figure 2, map, rectangle, circle, draw - point - the selected point nod, micro distance, press Ctrl + right click - copy to the right top 3, draw - polysemy line, spline curve, the attachment - down - all selected deformation, deformation, was 4, art curve surface symmetry "figure, benchmark curve symmetrical frame's curve and deformation curve symmetry polysemy line - make sure all 5, virtual sculpture tools - effect - the overall finish 2 times 6, model - Z - high moved to transform XOY 7, cutting tool path - a path wizard - taper surface fine carving, the next step, flat knife, cubed Ω mu ブ this ⒌ poison yi ⒌ word pontius А - the next step - path spacing (path spacing between the bottom diameter or less) - completed 8, cutting tool path, output tool path, file version technique to EN3D 3. X - feature points - path left corner - generation. 9. Engraving -- the highest point is only the Z axis -- back to the origin of the X\Y axis

Four, character sculpture 1, open the Thai software - create a new file - click T enter text - click on the arrow mark the selected text change text size, right-clicking on word - choose fonts - move the text to the lower left corner - click on the 2 d - change the way the bottom of the horizontal milling engraving depth - - tool library choose knife - secondary processing way as the hook side - tool library choose knife - sure - click save - output file, change the storage path and filename, save the type for G - code Files (* nc) - save - sure

Five, engraving system control open control system, pay attention to uninstall existing file, read the download file, manually adjustable engraving head to W sheng lu thousand ぁ origin - adjust Angle, XYZ axis reset, slow down to a minimum, have a look at the simulation, start the spindle, began to sculpture

6. Cut a graphic part to another figure 1 and generate the grid - the virtual sculpture tool - drawing? Tip turn "Piao tools to scan 2, model - interception model - points, delete the original model of the scanned map good line can delete, select tools - 0 3 aphid reef Bei crowded near Yu happy position ぁ - art oil level of oil level - split - selected by piece together - choose base - 4, virtual sculpture tools - overall polished - can be carved

Seven, do anaglyph word 1, open the software - text editing tools - choose fonts - click on the blank space inside the box - lose you change to go in the font, font size, according to the alignment, virtual sculpture tools - select the figure 3, 2 model, the new model, determine 4, color - single colouring - choose color - line color in 5, the color of the word - seed colouring - choose color - to fill the color 6, sculpture, the stroke - stamping, stamping depth ぱ) ji ruler ァ - choose color - the circle press A/S in July and the size of the effect - polishing - to choose color in 8, carving knife out

Notice the sudden power failure or accidental suspension of the engraving template do not move first to see the current line number and then click on the operation point to start the final point of the input segment of the specific location.