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Corporate Profile

Shandong Yishun CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a set research and development, production, marketing, large-scale CNC engraving cutting equipment manufacturers, main products, CNC cutting machine, plate furniture production line, inhibits PTP multi-drill five surface drilling, solid wood processing center, CNC machining centers, engraving machine, CNC equipment

In 2000,


As a professional manufacturer of CNC equipment in China, we are committed to providing customers with good after-sales services, including product design, product training, product maintenance, etc. To provide the customers with technical lead, reliable quality products and complete technical solutions, the maximum customer satisfaction is our service tenet.

Company focus on customer needs, and the customers at home and abroad, on the basis of quality, can according to the existing technical conditions to meet customer personalization, humanistic service, and to follow the progress of science and technology, the pursuit of product improvement, investment in science and technology research and development department at the same time, develop new products, provides the high quality to the global cash CNC engraving equipment.

  • Why are we doing this

    10 years of deep inspection, products throughout each industry, covering every industrial city, our production of the mechanical market cost-effective, win the majority of customers.

  • What are we doing

    Advanced manufacturing process, large-scale production, high quality product quality, professional user training, perfect after-sales service, striving for perfection, casting is brilliant.

  • Honorary certificate

    It has nearly 200 patents

    It is an international high-tech enterprise

  • Who we are

    A professional mechanical equipment unit, with advanced mechanical equipment, complete with a teaching engineer, the engineer of mechanical engineer...